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**Photo is by my super talented girl Caitlin–DMV friends check out here work here By nature, I am someone who is extremely quick to forgive, is very open minded, and when I look at people their past never matters to me-it is as if they are exploding with potential. I[…]

When people ask me what my biggest fear is, I tell them sharks. I have had a lot of encounters with sharks though in the ocean, or seaweed…it’s all relative when you’re in there and don’t know what’s brushing up against your leg or soon to be nubbin. So I’d[…]

we accept the love

“We accept the love we believe we deserve” Perks of Being a Wallflower   I think there’s a lack of real content in the world right now where we actually talk about our problems in an open and vulnerable way. Not in an “I hate my life and want to[…]


“There is the public self that lies sweetly so that people will love them and be drawn to them and the secret self that feels like a broken record who doesn’t know how anyone could ever love a mess like them” -Glennon Doyle Melton My name is Audrey. I despise small[…]


One year ago I was attending school in a frozen tundra known as Rexburg Idaho. Theres about a 90 percent chance that if you aren’t Mormon you don’t know where this is and have likely forgotten Idaho is a state. I had a great semester there but woke up one[…]


(**I drive an hour every week to visit this little coffee shop to study, write in my journal, and talk about life, love, and everything in between with my beautiful friend Krista that took this photo—if you live in the DMV area go check our Jireh it’s the best!**) It’s[…]


Just As You Are


(Thanks Krista for capturing this shot and for running around in fields with me and loving photography as much as I do 😉 ) Confession: I am obsessed with the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Like I’m almost positive that our neighbors think it’s the Superbowl every Monday night at our apartment[…]


**One of the most magical parts of the east coast for me is the way the district transforms and slows down at night. I love to write in my journal at the monuments on Sunday nights and tonight I met a super talented photographer (Nathan Chung) that asked to take a candid of[…]


Begin Again


**I took this sunset picture almost four years ago during a family vacation in Laguna Beach** Growing up in the hot desert of Las Vegas, I always eagerly anticipated our once or twice yearly family vacations to Southern California and always dreaded leaving. There is something about standing next to the ocean[…]


If I could give women of all ages one gift it would be confidence. True confidence is perhaps one of the most powerful characteristics I believe a woman can have. It unleashes your potential, opens the door for success, and boosts the quality of your relationships. Plus, confident people are easy to[…]

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