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When I was a missionary I loved teaching people about change. I do not really have that strong of a testimony of a lot of things when it comes to religion. But the one thing I feel like I have been blessed with is the ability to see people for[…]


**Growing up, I watched my mother trade in every one of her dreams to sacrifice for her family. She got up and faced the world on days when she wanted to crumble and curl up in a ball because three little people were depending on her to have strength. Divorce[…]


Sometimes, when you really love someone you love them enough to let them go. I never really understood this saying until tonight. I promised myself when I created this website that I would put everything out there. If a post doesn’t scare me and make my heart race right before I post[…]

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The following is an account of my best friend’s walk with faith, her journey in overcoming fear, and navigating her future after being diagnosed with Lupus. Author: Kate Olsen Most of you know me as the happy, laughing, and energetic girl that always has a smile on her face. However,[…]


Pretty Hurts


Around this time two years ago, a very beautiful young woman took her own life and left this earth. Neither she nor her family will ever know the impact her story had on me. Her name was Madison Holleran and her story was the reason I started “The Anti Cover[…]

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Four years ago today I made the best decision of my life, and although this blog is not designed to specifically be about my faith, I also don’t know how it can’t be. I can honestly say that every good thing that has come into my life since then has[…]


Today’s post goes to all of my kindred-spirit 20 somethings that for lack of a better term also have no idea what the heck they are doing with their lives. Welcome to my world. It’s lonely. Exciting. Frustrating. Mostly lonely. All of the feels. If anyone reading this today has also desperately[…]


I’m really frustrated tonight. I am growing increasingly disheartened by our image obsessed culture and increasingly passionate to do something about it. But the problem is, as women, WE ARE FEEDING THE PROBLEM. In fact, I think we are the ones giving the most fuel to the hungry monster that[…]


Today I want to help you identify something that I think a lot of women just don’t want to hear but desperately need to. Today’s post is about how to identify if you’re in a toxic relationship. I’ve only been in one relationship I consider toxic and one was more than[…]


This post means everything to me. If you are a mother and you are reading this today, please take these things to heart. Kids are like sponges and they soak up everything you say–hopefully this is nothing new. But when we put ourselves down, we might as well be saying[…]