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Porn Kills love


I have such a love hate relationship with social media. On the one hand, it fills our minds with lies and false images of perfection and bliss that cause so many women (and men) to feel like they are not good enough, attractive enough, cool enough or happy enough. On[…]

blog words

Today’s post…is really hard to post. And that is exactly why it needs to be shared. The following statements are a list of things that, on occasion, have come out of the mouths of the people that were supposed to love me the most as well as acquaintances and strangers.[…]


One of my earliest memories from when I was a little girl was of me sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching my beautiful mother blow dry her hair. She had a lot of hair and it was very curly (I fondly refer to her as Mufasa) so it[…]


tan it. tone it. fix it. brighten it. whiten it. lighten it. darken it. flaunt it. tease it. maximize it. minimize it. shrink it. show it off. change it. …because you’re worth it. I didn’t grow up as a very confident person. Up until about middle school I quite honestly[…]


I chose this picture because since it was taken it has hands down received the most comments and “likes.” I look confident and comfortable in my skin. The reality behind this picture is far less glamorous that what meets the eye. At the time it was taken, my eyes wouldn’t[…]